Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Just some fun days

We are relaxing a bit before we head off to Honduras in a few weeks. School hours aren't so long now, we are taking it easy as the kids will be in school there this summer plus we are taking some work with us. So for the kids at least, we've had a few fun days. Today they played outside most of the time, it's so much fun to watch them and listen from afar. They are truly best friends and just love being together (don't get me wrong they spat like any other siblings, but there isn't any rivalry between them and they really love being with each other).

the rainy days they've played on the 'flying turtle' and zoingo boingo in the garage, we've worked in the yard, aerating, weeding, planting, etc We picked some fresh strawberries and cooked with them...overall we've just been relaxing and enjoying each other!

For those wondering we did SORT OF here from our youngest. We only got hi and bye, but we appreciate that SOOOOO much. that was actually Friday (long story that doesn't really matter) and on Sunday her bio mom sent me a sweet happy mother's day text on my cell. So we are still praying that the future will allow us to stay connected in some way to our baby girl!!

our blueberry bushes are filling...yummy!!

Daddy pruned the willow, now you can see under it and the herbs are getting some sun

the chives are blooming

the tomato plants are in the ground (the ones we germinated)

strawberry picking was fun and yummy!!enjoying our bounty!!

homemade chocolate cupcakes with strawberry ganache filling, chocolate glaze and a vanilla buttercream icing. Daddy liked them, they were a bit too rich for Mommy but I loved making them. I LOVE baking fun cupcakes!!!

John Mark bouncing on the zoingo boingo!! So much fun!!
Mommy on the flying turtle

Daddy's turn - chasing John Mark on the Zoingo Boingo!!
All the pictures this day of MaryKyle were blurry...another day...

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