Saturday, May 31, 2008


CNN Article

Tugucigalpa, Honduras has long been known as one of the most dangerous airports to land at. I, fortunately, have never had the experience. We fly into San Pedro Sula. There is much controversy in Honduras as to why it has been allowed to continue to be the commercial aircraft airport. Many blame the political corruption.

Here are some You Tube Videos showing the challenge the pilots and crews have to land at the airport in Teguc.

I don't know the reasons or the politics behind the airport. I do know that the last plane crash there was in the early 90s and to my understanding no one died. But daily the roads in Honduras kill. If you've never experienced driving (okay I just ride, that's enough for me - hubby does the driving) in a third world country - well it should be on your list of things to experience. We take so much for granted here in the states. Here's some pictures a fellow blogger has of merely the potholes around Honduras

I can't find the video I've seen of someone driving. But what traffic laws they have aren't enforced or followed. No 'staying in the lines', passing is allowed and done at ALL times no matter if it's a horrid blind curve. Cows are allowed in the middle of the road. Horses are allowed to stand in the middle of the road. People walk in the road, cross the road and chat in the road/highway. Children play in the road or walk along it and don't flinch when cars swerve to get around them. Everyone drives FAST!! Bridges that were there the day before might have washed away and not be there. no street lights. Many keep their headlights off at night even if they work to "save gas". Many don't have functioning headlights, etc etc

So while I am horribly sad for the families who have suffered such a loss over the air crash and will be praying for them. I also realize that there will be much talk about it and conflict over it while just outside the airport is an even larger problem.

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