Sunday, June 1, 2008

Special gift of love and memories

As I said in a previous post, my sister and her husband came to town on Wed. But we hadn't seen them until yesterday (Sat.). They dropped Holland off with my parents and stayed downtown. When Hubby called Brian and Daddy this morning to see if they wanted to do something, brian said he was finishing up John Mark's b'day gift. Last month, on John Mark's b'day he got a b'day card from them that said Uncle Brian was making his present and would get it to him when he finished it. Hubby nor I had any idea what it was but when we knew Brian was making it we couldn't wait to see what he might create. He is a talented artist, but does woodworking and well...anything he puts his mind we had no idea what to expect. John Mark (and his Daddy and Mommy) is so amazed at this special gift. We just love it and can't wait to get it put up in his bedroom.

It's a painting. all done with the spatula thing (my words are leaving my head) so it's got lots of texture and is very impressionist like I'd guess you'd call it (yep, although I love art I'm not an expert..sorry). This is a recreation of a picture of John Mark at his first Alabama football game when he was 3. He, hubby, Uncle Brian, and Elijah (Uncle Brian's 'Little Brother' through Big Brothers/Big sisters) went to the Music City Bowl in N'ville. John Mark is holding the binoculars in the picture. He LOVED that game and still talks about it and he knew JUST what the painting was of. He said when he got up this morning "that painting is so cool, Uncle Brian is just a really good artist isn't he Mommy?" YES he is and we will all treasure this special gift for sure!! THANKS Uncle Brian!!

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