Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Honduras on my mind

...well changes in plans are a way of life on trips to Honduras. This trip will be no different. When we decided to go the buddy pass route we had a couple people check the flight and the history of it to ensure that they thought we could get on the flight easily to San Pedro Sula. We moved our trip up a few days so that we could fly in the middle of the week as those flights in over six months had not filled. But then the plane crash in Teguc. occurred. Now that airport has been closed to international flights and all of those passengers that would have flown into Teguc are now flying into San Pedro Sula and all the flights are not only booked but largely overbooked! So....we're having to tweak our plans a bit. Although it seems we will end up on the winning deal of that. We will instead fly onto the island of Roatan. If we get on the flight we want, then we will make it early enough to take the afternoon ferry to La Ceiba where a friend will pick us up and we will make it to Trujillo by nightfall. That would be the ideal situation. We've also been told of a 3 bdrom house we can rent for a very reasonable price while we are there. We got that call today. So now we must pray that it's reasonably clean, as it's in the most ideal location for our work in Trujillo for sure!! So we need some prayers that we have no problem getting on the flight to Roatan and that this townhouse works out for us to stay in for the month +.


Angie said...

We'll keep you in our prayers. I hope the house situation works out. We flew into Roatan once.... rain was seeping in through cracks in the plane, we shared the runway with a pig, then we sat in a very stuffy plane (after the rain cleared) waiting for a delayed take-off. Why is it that things NEVER go as planned in Honduras?? :)he he!

The Unlikely Homeschooler said...

Thanks Angie! Sounds like it could potentially be just another chapter in our Honduran adventures book. It's actually Peggy Brinkley's house by the way. It's fully furnished and of course right there with our West Metro team when they arrive and then Goodwood's the week later. So we're praying it will work out and be halfway decent anyway, it will give us a room, our kids a room and Anina and Nadine a room. Plus with the increased crime in Honduras this year and the rising risk to North Americans and such...it will be nice to know there is a 'night watchman' of sorts on duty. Wonder if it will have "sunken showers" ha ha!!

Emily said...

PS The bread recipe is here: http://allrecipes.com/Recipe/Simple-Whole-Wheat-Bread/Detail.aspx
I am trying it with applesauce instead of butter today. I secretly hope it doesn't work out because I love butter so very very much.

I hope your trip works out! Your pictures are beautiful!

The Unlikely Homeschooler said...

Thanks emily! I can't wait to try it, might have to do it tonight - yum yum...hope it turns out as pretty as yours!