Thursday, June 5, 2008

Cousins and cupcakes

The kids had a wonderful time playing with their cousin Holland this past weekend while she was here. They spent a few hours at GrandMama and Papa's house playing with her one afternoon while Mommy and Daddy ran errands.

Last but not least, the latest cupcakes...well not really, I made these Saturday night for a baby shower Sunday, but when they all got gobbled up before John Mark, I or any of the hubby's got one I concocted a chocolate almond cupcake with dark chocolate ganache filling and Vanilla bean cream cheese frosting Sunday night after worship - but I was too ready to eat one to take a picture then took the leftovers to neighbors so I wouldn't eat any more. These for the shower were Magnolia Bakeries vanilla cupcake filled with lemon curd and topped with a vanilla cream cheese frosting and a sugared lemon rind curl. They were a hit...hope they were as good as everyone thought as I never got to try one. I also did some of the vanilla cupcakes with no filling and with a vanilla bean cream cheese frosting. They are the ones with the fondant additions.
This weekend I will be helping my neighbor make these lemon ones and the chocolate ganache ones for her daughter's baptism party they are having. They have been some of my faithful 'testers' and her hubby really liked the chocolate ganache ones, and she really liked the's hoping I can recreate the chocolate ones as I didn't write down anything since I was in a hurry...just concocted. Hubby always picks on me for doing that!
Next on the list is a S'more cupcake. MaryKyle asked me as we bought ingredients yesterday "what are you making them for Mommy?" I explained that I was just buying the ingredients so I was ready when an occasion came up. so we need to find a reason! got any ideas?!
Told you I was cupcake crazy!!

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