Friday, June 13, 2008

"It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood"

So remember the other day I was bragging on my neighbors? I'm telling you, I can't tell you how blessed we are, and as proof that I'm not just saying that.... Today MaryKyle will be playing at one neighbors while John Mark is playing at another's so hubby and I can get some stuff done and so they get to go to the pool and have some fun without begging and such while hubby and I are busy with preparations. Another neighbor shows up this morning with this wonderful basket for the kids (and us!)

It's loaded with the perfect airplane things and other things needed for the trip - it's really great. And while here they asked if they needed to mow or anything else while we were gone. Oh yeah and last night another neighbor entirely offered to do whatever and is willing to just stop by and visit our Sydney on the days no one is staying here so she doesn't get too lonely. And other neighbors will be coming and feeding her and in charge of her regular care, etc too. Each and every instance is a completely different neighbor. I can't tell you how many times I've been told "just let us know, we'll do whatever we can" It's just wonderful! I strongly advise if you don't know your neighbors, bake some brownies (or cupcakes!!) and walk over and introduce yourself. It's great to know you have people around you that you can call on when you need them!

This is our Sydney, our oldest baby...yes, she's a proper lady with good manners and always crosses her legs when she sits! We will miss her while we are gone.

Also, my father in law sent us this really cool coffee/tea set! The kids especially like to have tea parties (the passion started by hubby's Mom who let them as toddlers use a 'real' tea set). They already have an awesome set that my mother in law bought in China, plus one she got for MK to paint herself. Gene found this somewhere and thought of us. There is a little plate to match each color cup. Too cute!! The cups are larger than a 'tea set' cup, and will even hold Mommy and Daddy's coffee!! Yipppee!! I enjoy a cup of hot tea for sure, but coffee I'm all about these days!!


Elizabeth S said...

Sounds like a great neighborhood! And I love your hair by the way! When my hair gets longer, I am actually considering getting one, too! (And I hope you know that you can put conditioner on it after the first few days.) Anyway, it is so much easier to work with, especially when you are a busy mom! Talk to you later.

The Unlikely Homeschooler said...

Welcome back from vacation Elizabeth!! You are so right, it's an awesome neighborhood!
Yes, I put conditioner on it the very next day, she just told me to wait overnight.
It sure is easier and hubby and all my friends seem to like it and they would so tell me. So we'll see where this leads. I'm loving the scrunch and go ease for SURE!!