Thursday, June 12, 2008

Smelly Poodle Girl!!

That's my new name in our house...yep I went against all fashion and current trends and GOT A PERM!! When you are going to spend 5 weeks in a country that regularly turns off electricity and water and you have half curly half straight hair (my sister was blessed to get a head full of gorgeous natural curls) that must be blown dry - a back up plan is a must!
Allison (my stylist and friend) and I laughed the entire time. She had to go actually purchase a perm for me as she doesn't even keep them on hand at the salon...ouch!! I have to say, the smell took me back to my middle school years. Anyone remember the spiral perms?? Come on admit it, you know if you're in your 30's you so had one or wanted one!! Fortunately I'm pretty adventurous with my hair. I'm not a crier. I like to try new colors and styles and if it doesn't work out my theory is it will always grow out (my hair grows super fast). The two things I stay away from are bangs and perms...ha ha ha!! when I called Allison to tell what I was thinking about she reminded me perms take much longer to grow out than a style I don't care for or an odd color....good thing hubby actually likes it. And yes, he'd SO tell me the truth and knew this was a purely functional decision so he was safe to give his fully honest opinion...although my hubby would anyway, and that's fine with me.
MaryKyle took the pictures...even though you can get it wet, you can't put conditioner on it and it needs some, so tomorrow with conditioner it will look less frizzy looking. We didn't do a 'tight' perm by the way. More 'body wave' so I can scrunch and go. And where there were highlights it didn't take as well, but she told me that would happen.

Feel free to laugh if you see me, I'm getting some good chuckles about this memory lane adventure myself!!

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