Saturday, June 7, 2008

tonight's 'baking'

just finished the 'baking' for tonight....a diaper cake for a neighbor who we are taking to Tea Cup Cottage tomorrow for a baby shower tea. Not particularly pleased with it, but at this point I must go with it - don't you hate when that happens? But I couldn't find what I wanted for the top, or the color and type flowers I wanted...oh well, not too much I can do about it now, but I will tweak it a bit in the morning when I've gotten my coffee in me!

FYI we did have biscuits (amongst other b'fast foods) for dinner to try out the jam. It's sweet, but good. Even the kids liked it! The second batch of 7 jars is prettier than the first, I tweaked it a bit the 2nd go round. Glad I did. Now if I can just remember next year when strawberries come in what I did!

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Elizabeth S said...

Hey Rachel. I just spent a few minutes getting caught up on you guys! We are heading to the beach tomorrow. I am taking some school stuff to try out a new routine. Sounds crazy to do that on vacation, but once we get there, we don't do a lot of running around, so I figured why not? Anyway, I am thinking about sending the kids back to school in the fall; this is my way of testing the waters to see if I can really keep making homeschool work. I hope I can. Pray for us! I really want them to stay home; I am just not sure I can be disciplined enough. Talk to you soon!