Monday, May 12, 2008

I have this amazing Mom who deserves to be celebrated every day, not just today.

She is my Mom who when she realized she would be spending countless hours in her laundry room when we were small, painted it bright yellow so she could smile every time she walked in!

She is my Mom who has always made us promise to sing zippadee doo dah at her funeral (yes she's serious!!)

She is my Mom who did napkin notes and cut our sandwiches into fun shapes and many other things to let us know when we were away from her that we were still in her heart and on her mind.

She is my Mom who sang us to sleep with a song that said "I believe the Lord above created you for me to love. he picked you out from all the rest because he knew I could love you the best" and she made me feel that way every day when I was awake too!!

She was the coolest room Mom EVER....she threw the end of the year parties that kids in the other classrooms wished they could come to!
She not only supports my Father and has moved places she probably didn't really care for with a smile on her face, but she also loves my Daddy with all of her heart and it shows. Everyone who is around them knows they are still IN LOVE! It is wonderful to see and even friends of mine from years past comment on what an impact it makes on them to see people who have been together for so long still in love and affectionate!!

She is my Mom who did everything for me, my husband and daughter when I was diagnosed with Crohn's disease and bedridden with a new baby, and hubby had just started a new job. Somehow she did it without letting on how exhausting and worry-filled her days were.

She is my Mom who made silly posters and brought her signature smiley face balloons to walk the Crohn's walk.

She is my Mom who LOVES yellow smiley faces!!

She is my Mom that would make us rice crispy treats for breakfast sometimes and say "it's just about the same as putting sugar in your cereal"

She is my Mom, who when I became engaged to a man she'd just met (hubby and I only dated 3 weeks before getting engaged) she said "Well I prayed every day of your entire life that you would find a wonderful Christian man, I'm not going to argue with how He does it!!" And jumped right into wedding planning!!

She is my Mom who prayed every day for me and still does

She is my Mom...the one who let me go. The one who let me make some really stupid mistakes without saying a word and picked me up every time and assured me I was capable of anything and everything!!

She is my Mom who made moving all over the country as a military family an adventure and made every house a home (although hubby blames my furniture moving on her...ha ha)!

She is my Mom who, though terrified of water, took swimming lessons as an adult to help her get over it because my sister and I loved to swim.

She is my Mom who was my absolute favorite Sunday school teacher (alongside my Daddy) ever!

She is my Mom who every Saturday morning made biscuits with chocolate gravy!!

She is my Mom who filled our house with fun traditions.

She is my Mom the one who will thankfully not hold it against me and understands that all I had to give today was a hug and a kiss and a "happy Mother's day"
she is my best friend!!

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for those sweet words. It is and always has been an honor to be your mother. I love you.