Wednesday, April 2, 2008

This past Saturday we drove down to Pine Mountain Georgia and met my cousin Staci and her gang at the Wild Animal Safari (they were enjoying Spring break at Callaway Gardens in that area). I had never been before, but my kids had gone for a b'day party a few years ago and loved it! We all laughed SO hard...from the clunker zebra striped van we rented to drive through with our big bags and cups of food for the animals to the TONGUES we got to see close up on just about every animal!! Hubby and kids had told me the animals stuck their heads in the car and the shirts just as you paid that proclaimed "I Got Slobbered" should have prepared us. However, I don't know that anything would have prepared Staci and I for those tongues and the immense amounts of slobber!! Ever seen the inside of a camels mouth? I'll just say it's NOT pretty and Stac and I determined we would be fine if we went through life having never seen that again. it was a day filled with laughter for sure. If you are stressed in life and just need a good belly roll...plan a trip to the Wild Animal Safari, it will do the trick!!! This is only a glimpse at our trip.....I do have to say though that when the kids came the last time there were no bars on the windows of the glass no bars...just tongues in your face and laps...I LOVED THE BARS!!!!

Josh is way cool!!

Not the best picture as Cate ran right out of the frame, but I love it anyway because of their faces and John Mark pretending to run fast!!
Come on GO John Mark!!

Cousins are such fun!!

be sure you check out the tongue and brave Adam trying to give him some food

the view from my window!

I can't remember if this was a bison or an ox...the most disgusting mouth is all I can remember!!!

There were no bars on Daddy or Josh's windows...Josh kept his rolled up most of the time (yep, I thin he is the smart one!!)

notice how the giraffe's tongue didn't even all fit in the frame...that thing is LONG!!! Needless to say I was leaning on Staci most of the time!!

Lizy thought it was just the funniest experience...I have to agree!!


Anonymous said...

Oh my, I am laughing all over again! It may be one of the funniest days of my life. I am so glad you guys got to join us. The kids also LOVED being with you all. I love you, Staci

Elizabeth S said...

LOVE these pictures!! We will definitely be going there someday, but I will be the one with my windown rolled up!! Hope you are doing well.