Saturday, September 6, 2008

Laughing Pizza and the zoo!

well tonight was member's only night at the zoo. We told the kids about it a few weeks ago and they were thrilled...a night at the zoo is always fun, BUT tonight the group Laughing Pizza was going to be in concert...and OH MY GOODNESS they were thrilled about that. Our friend Alex went with us. The zoo in the evening is awesome!! Every exhibit we went to (not all...not enough time...tonight was a night of activities) the animals were out, no looking around to find them. We saw the entire Lion family (mom day and 3 baby cubs)- right at the window, the tiger, leopard, every elephant (they had them right at the fence with the keeper (the baby was with the keeper), we watched an alligator eat a turtle, some sort of huge bird find and carry around a mouse, the panda cub (not the one born this week although that was on live camera with the Mommy), etc was a great night for animal viewing. They had live entertainment around and lots of activities. Our kids made face masks, and 'flying snakes', watched a comedy magic show and well...just had fun. We were joined by our good friends the Harris' halfway through our evening. We got to eat with them and head over to the Laughing Pizza concert. And was it ever fun.
We had a great night for sure...later than usual for a Saturday night, but an absolute blast. Zoo Atlanta did a super job of making us feel special...right down to a security guard walking us all the way up the path through Grant Park to our car!!
the only animal shot I got...ha ha! It was cool though...beautiful owl, born at the zoo!

making masks

I don't know that man, but this was what the concert looked like...parents singing and dancing with their kids, jumping and waving hands, being silly and having great FAMILY time. A family band bringing families together in a way that makes everyone feel good and happy. What a great way to use their talents!!
MaryKyle was just beside herself. My usual insanely stiff child, had a SUPER time!!
So did my son!!
MaryKyle, Taylor and Emily of Laughing Pizza...oh my goodness...these girls screamed and went nuts about meeting her and hugging her!! And that she TALKED to them....oh my...

Mom and Dad Pizza just chatting! They are homeschoolers too and were just super nice and made our kids feel very special!! Never rushed them or anything!!
Their 'tour bus' / minivan!!!

the kids had a GREAT time...thanks Zoo Atlanta and Laughing Pizza!!

If you aren't familiar with them, they are on PBA 30 Atlanta's PBS station. They do the 'commercial breaks' with great songs, etc and have done it for a good while now. My kids know their songs. Which was funny because hubby had never heard of them and certainly didn't realize that we(yes Mommy knows the songs too...ha ha) knew their songs!! We all were impressed with the show and just what great songs they sung and how family friendly it was!

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