Saturday, September 27, 2008

Fall Fun!!

Every fall we talk about how busy our lives are....ha all I can say to that. We have never ever had a fall this busy!! We have about one day a week with nothing scheduled through October...but we have LOTS of fun things on the calendar too!! It seems like life has barely slowed down since we came home from Honduras. It's just crazy...but way fun too!! Here's a few pictures from a bit of fun from this past week - before the craziness 'really' begins! I don't know how parents with more than one kid playing sports do it! We had baseball 5 days this past week...whew!! 3 of those were games. Add into that Brownies, work, worship, etc...yep it's a full fall for us! So we are going to have to work and enjoying every minute of fun so it doesn't fly by and we forget to enjoy it!

tonight MaryKyle went to a friend's b'day party. Can you guess the theme??! Such fun...Mommy and Daddy of this little girl turned their home into "Emerald City" Yeah, you should have seen inside!!
Just took advantage of my 'twins' Ever since they were toddlers everyone assumed my kids were twins - they don't mind one bit. In fact since they are best friends they kind of like it. So they were thrilled to have the same teeth out at the same time!
MaryKyle dressed and ready for the party!

John Mark taking the wagon "road riding"

While helping Daddy trim trees (thus the safety goggles) they found this cool caterpillar! It's now in a jar in our kitchen...of course!! UPDATE: We studied to find out what it was and it's a Saddleback caterpillar...and it's venomous and! It's now in a cocoon thankfully. Now comes a rather hideous moth from what we've read...JOY!

Daddy's pumpkin...he says its the best....we all disagree, but we shall humor him!! ;-)
MaryKyle arriving at the party, greeted by the Scarecrow (aka b'day girls Daddy!!)
MaryKyle and the b'day girl!

Weenie roast fun...although I missed the pictures of roasting weenies. We all had a BALL on the teeter totter!!poor Elaine and MK didn't have a chance of coming down!the 'best' pumpkin (so we're told)John Mark got a horrid haircut - this is Daddy attempting to fix it as best as possible (John Mark is pretty picky about his hair)Daddy blowing out the candles on his pumpkin cheesecake b'day cake! YUMMMY!John Mark painted this picture for his Daddy for his b'day! Daddy loved it - to say the least!! We ate a VERY fast b'day dinner and were off to John Mark's b'ball game!
on base!!
Mk lost a tooth...well yanked a tooth...she forced the thing out after lying in bed for 2+ hours working it, it came out around 11pm (poor tooth fairy was cashless and digging through the house for $) Here she is putting her tooth in her glow in the dark tooth box GrandMommy bought her years ago
My adorable toothless girl!

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King Family said...

Looks like you all are having a great fall. I love the picture of the kids with the same tooth missing. It is adorable!