Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Today I am feeling happy...why....I have so many reasons, but here's just a few...

Today we went outside as a family and this is what greeted us. We all love praying mantis' and this one let us get so very close. When he flew from the porch after a few photos we were his vigilant paparazzi who took more pictures where he was fun! Isn't he the coolest?!
This weekend Tristen and Tyler came to visit. We had great fun getting to spend time with our dear friends!
John Mark's team won his first baseball game. No John Mark didn't get a hit during the game, but neither did some of the very best players on his team. It sadly made me feel that wrong? But the kids altogether did a great job pulling together what they had learned in practice! Go Braves!!
And although I was in a huge hurry to make it to his game and forgot my camera, I am thankful that Tristen and Tyler were sure to take plenty pictures of John Mark's practice this past weekend!
It is delightfully cool today. MaryKyle even has worn long sleeves all day. It was a day that just called for the changing of the wreaths!! So, although it is a few days before the official start of fall we made a decision to be wild and crazy and socially unacceptable and show our fall colors!!

So today for these reasons and SO many many more...I am feeling thankful and a just a bit giddy! I pray each of you who might read this look around you to find things to be thankful for today as well!!

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