Thursday, September 18, 2008

Like Mother like Daughter......aaahhh!!

Today I wore a skirt and heels, and I plan on doing it tomorrow. I'm in the process of changing my wardrobe, so in the coming weeks I plan to watch the sale racks to buy some more simple skirts and dresses. Nope not on a shopping spree...and I haven't lost so much weight, I'm sorry to say, that it merits a new wardrobe. But looking at myself I've decided I need to make some changes. The example of a 'lady' my daughter has been seeing is not what I want her to model. And as scary as it is to me, I want her to look to me for her example, her 'idol' if you will....not those provided by pop culture, TV, movies, etc.

I have a new goal, to be the lady I want my daughter to grow into. Sounds so simple doesn't it...ha! For you probably, but for me, in truth, it's going to be changing some habits, and comforts and stepping up to the plate! Now that my kids are at home all day every day hubby and I are their main/sole influence - which we LOVE and is one of the big reasons we love homeschooling, but it also can be overwhelming to realize the hugeness of that when you think about it!
So I am examining myself as a Mommy and what I need to change to be the kind of influence I want for my daughter. I want to influence her to be a lady, to be classy, to be patient, to be Christ-like, to be kind, to be dainty, to be modest, to be loving, to be Godly, to not try to call attention to herself, to look for ways to help others, and to realize that she can be beautiful and feel beautiful while being all of those things! I want her to see a Mommy who LOVES her job, a wife who LOVES her husband, a woman who LOVES God. I want to be more like my Mom was, she always looked beautiful and was such an awesome example of being a 'homemaker' as she made our home fun and beautiful, Godly and safe! She looked classy and always found it a pleasure to look nice for my Daddy each day. Somewhere along the way, I've lost that and my wardrobe has become more jeans (my favorites have holes) and t'shirts, etc

You know what I've discovered the last few days, when I get up and get my shoes on (not flip flops which is my usual footwear of choice) and my skirt, etc...I feel differently about myself! It changes my day, how I approach my kids, how I feel about myself, how I approach my husband...(and how he approaches me!!) I've always tried to put my make-up on and fix my hair to look nice for him...but I was still in jeans/t-shirt or 'around the house clothes' Amazingly, it makes me feel better about myself and more together even when I might not be. I pray that MaryKyle will see a woman she wishes to be like and grow into the woman that I want her to be and more importantly that God wants her to be!!!!! Because that, after all, is the focus of my job as a grow these children into the adults that God wants them to be! How I dress won't do that , but for now, it's a reminder to myself.Just call me June!! I won't mind, in fact...I'd be honored.
(yes I even wear aprons and love them!!)


Elizabeth S said...

Hi! I think a lot about this, too. The other day we had gone somewhere during the day while the kids were at school. I wasn't dressed up, but I had on make-up and jeans and a nice shirt, flats, etc. When I picked the kids up, they kept asking me why I was so dressed up. It reminded me that I need to put more of an effort in taking care of myself. On the other hand, after the sermon I heard this morning about the poor and what all we DON'T do for them, I don't want to teach them to place too much importance on what we wear. I don't want them to get used to seeing me dressed up or whatever and think that someone else, who maybe can't afford to wear anything except what's on their back, is less than they are. I think we just need to find a balance between the two. Just my two cents!! Hope you are doing well.

The Unlikely Homeschooler said...

Hey Elizabeth, great to hear from you! Thanks for sharing your two cents!! I completely concur. I think that is always a balancing act.

Sheri Ellis said...

Ok, you are making me feel bad. I haven't worn make-up in years and I only wear something other than jeans/short on Sunday mornings. Unfortunately, I'm still not motivated to do any differently. The perils of working from home.

The Unlikely Homeschooler said...

Hee hee...hey Sheri...I SO don't want anyone to feel "guilty" this is about me and only me not something I am looking for others to do too...nope not at all...just one of those personal things for me I am wanting to change. I won't be looking at anyone else differently for sure! Sometimes I forget anyone actually reads my blog and just see it as an online journal. don't worry I had a neighbor drop by to borrow a rolling pin a few minutes ago and guess what I had ZERO make-up on...a skirt yes...make-up..nope (hubby isn't working at home today...he's actually down close to you come to think of it in PTC)