Friday, September 5, 2008

Did you know that today is an important day??

Well it is...It's "JUMP ON THE COUCH DAY"
Are you reading this blog and don't know me??? I do the same thing. And the other day, I was reading a blog of someone I don't know. You know the click on one link and click on another and ...then you are on someone's blog you don't know. Do you have those blogs that you read quite a bit even though you don't actually know the family personally, nor do you dare to leave a comment, but after a while you feel like you sort of really do know them and so you check back from time to time? oh please tell me I'm not the only one who does this...

A few days ago, I by a crazy twist of links on blogs came up on the Nie dialogues . This Mother inspires me. She inspires me to want to create more fun in my home, to make smiling a regular thing, and do to everything I can to ensure my children feel special every day (seriously check out what she did for her children for back to school!!). One of their family traditions is they jump on their couch - there was a picture in an online magazine where her beautiful home was featured that just made me was of her daughter jumping on their couch. It made me think - WHY NOT!?? I mean we even hate our couches, why not let them jump on them? And even if we loved them.....WHY NOT!? If they break their arm, at least they'll do it while thinking they live in a happy home ;-) And I figure the couches are safer than their ultra tall 3 mattress high antique beds.

So this morning after b'fast I went and stood on our couch and started jumping....John Mark was about to fall over and laughed and laughed .....after he got over his shock...He called for MaryKyle to come see (with a 'Mommy's going crazy again tone...ha ha!!) I told them that today is "jump on the couch day" they found that the most fun and delightful thing and a little bit later, they declared today a "REALLY FUN" Day
The morning started with MaryKyle baking buttermilk biscuits all by herself for the first time ('Aunt Sally' would be so proud and the first thing she said as we bit into them was "Do you think they're as good as Aunt Sally's?" Meaning Sally Ray for any of you reading who know her) John Mark did crafts and took picture of MaryKyle while she cooked to document the moment...yep a great day thus far at our house!!

hmm...wonder what tomorrow will bring?!!

I so appreciate the inspiration of a fun-loving home this Mommy brought to me....I am in prayer for her and her husband for their recovery.

Don't worry Mommy actually put them in, her arms still aren't quite long enough to ensure no burning!

his fish...they are both 3-D , the one below is a front view of his 'flying fish' that then took cruises over the banisters upstairs into the foyer below!


Amber said...

I don't know you but I'm enjoying your blog. ;)

Heather said...

Hi! I'm another blog "lurker". Actually, you entered a contest of mine at so I linked over to say thanks. Well, I started reading your blog...saw where you mentioned Sally Ray and you are linked to Melanie King, Mandy Noble, & Courtney, who are all friends of mine. Small world!!! Sally goes to church w/ us, and my hubby went to Arlington Christian School.
Also, you mentioned the Nie Family...are they the ones that had an accident?
Anyway, nice to meet you & good luck on winning the contest! :)

The Unlikely Homeschooler said...

thanks Amber and Heather for the comments and making me feel like I'm not abnormal :-)

Amber I checked out your blog and LOVE the Mommy Store idea amongst other things. I think I will be incorporating that myself!! THANKS!!

Heather, I was at ACS with your husband actually. Although only for a year before he graduated (I was the year after him) so not sure if he would remember me, but one can never forget someone who goes to check on their car at lunch break...ha ha!! I love your blog!
Yes it's the family that was in the plane accident. And now that I think about it it might have been your craft blog where I came across their story and then got to their THANKS!!

Heather said...

I showed my hubby your blog & he is trying to recall your funny about him checking his car @ lunch. I do not find that hard to believe!!! LOL....

The Unlikely Homeschooler said...

Hey Heather, I was Rachel Vanderpool in High School. Like I said, I was only there one year with him and I don't think we had any classes together...I graduated in '92. Sally is a dear friend. My kids call her 'Aunt Sally', although we aren't actually blood-related.