Monday, September 8, 2008

No way...not me!

I am not believing my new roll I've added under my Mommy title. I know many of you out there wear this hat too, but it's so not something I ever saw myself doing. I'm now officially a 'baseball Mom' Why so odd you say? I am not at all competitive. I also am mortified of baseballs being hurled through the air towards me. I also HATE listening to parents and coaches screaming at little kids. So this is a step out of comfort zone completely. Fortunately John Mark's coach is very nice and my hubby is helping him on the field with the team so that also helps me!

I went to the field for the first time Friday night for his practice. He had had one other practice, but it was Wed night at 6, and worship starts at 7. So he was only at practice a little bit before leaving to be able to make it to worship on time. So MaryKyle and I just met the boys at worship.
Friday night we arrived a little early so that John Mark could get a little comfortable before helps him since he's so shy, to kind of be there and feel a part before jumping in to things. So anyway there was another team on the field practicing before us and I literally teared up listening to the coaches and parents yelling at these kids...aaahhh!!!! They were the same age and will be a team we play. I guarantee they will win....and for me that's JUST FINE....I am fine with instruction and expectations but "if you're going to play like that get off the field" or "you can run faster than THAT!!!!" after 1 1/2 hours of practice for a 6 year old at dinner time and one who's just run REALLY hard to the base. Anyway....aaaacckkkk!!! Not so sure about this new role, but I do know I love my son and want to support him in his interests and right now his interest is baseball!! GO BRAVES (that's his team name conveniently!) I've even pitched to him to practice. It's amazing to me how we must step out of our comfort zones for our kiddos at times.

that's hubby with the Alabama cap on and John Mark with the backwards braves hat on
Papa was nice enough to come to see him practice (Grandmama was on the phone out of town)

John Mark to the left and Daddy to the right


Emily said...

This is exactly where knitting would come in handy. You could make scarves for everyone for Christmas at practices alone!

Pablo y Raquel said...
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The Unlikely Homeschooler said...

oh so true emily. I might just have to look you up when we are in Mobile in a few weeks so you can teach me...ha ha!! I would seriously LOVE to learn, not sure I'm coorinated enough for it though.
Your work just amazes me!!

Sheri Ellis said...

Go John Mark! I'm sure he will have fun, you will too when you learn how to tune out the other parents.

I think Keith is counting the days until Austin can start playing football. Would you believe he can already through the ball within about a foot of where he is aiming, and he can even catch his GA Tech football. Until he can play, we are raising him right by teaching him to say 'Go Jackets'!