Sunday, September 28, 2008

Gas problems

Oh ugh...This gas stuff is driving me NUTS!! So tonight I learn that Wal-Mart close to us has some gas and short lines but they close at I scoop up my little one out of bed put her in the car and head to TRY to make it before close (we had 10 min). I prayed on the way that we made it before they close. We passed a gas station with gas on the way that had lines well...REALLY LONG ones! So we pull up to this gas station that is off set from the road and there are cars at the pumps and NO LINES!! HOORAY!! Great tip, right. I thinking Hubby will be so thrilled when I see him in the morning and I have a full tank of gas....swipe my card....nothing. Their tank had JUST gone dry....ack! So I just decide I am going to go sit in line at the other gas station but I only have a quarter of a tank and the line is NOT moving. I read they'd been like that a long time tonight so I figure they are going to go dry or close on me and it wasn't worth wasting my 1/4 tank....seriously this is getting NUTS! Plus my little one was WIDE awake and chatting away and needed to be ASLEEP!
So get home feeling like a failure, she asks to sleep with me and then comments as she crawls in bed "ugh...why's it wet?!" a bottle of vitamin water I had been drinking earlier that day spilled ALL over my bed, top just wasn't on there good. Why it was on my bed??? Who knows in my rush to leave for gas I think I set it there....UGH!! I just want the gas stations to have GAS!!!!!!!!


Sheri Ellis said...

Same thing happened to Keith last night. Fortunately he had enough gas for today. Not sure what he will do if he can't find any tonight. Guess he will have to take the car and Austin will stay home with me. That ought to make for an interesting work day.

The Unlikely Homeschooler said...

I know it's nuts. hubby had to cancel a meeting because of it and ensure he filled up as he has meetings Wed-Saturday this week that he really can't miss. Such a pain!! I did get 6 gal at a station rationing yesterday and was able to fill up today - just lucked up on a station who had just gotten a shipment. By the time I left, the lines had started...UGH!!