Monday, September 22, 2008

baseball...a family affair

So we have all joined in the fun with John Mark playing baseball!! he thinks it's cool that since he's homeschooled he can practice every day! So at lunch, or a break, etc he heads out with his Daddy to bat or catch, etc....but the past couple days a few times we've all gotten into it the fun of practicing a bit together.

We have this cool bat away thing...well I don't know what it's called, but you strap it to something like a tree and it has a ball attached and then you can practice your swing alone as the ball comes right back to you. ANYWAY..the straps aren't very long so no tree in our yard is small enough or stable enough, etc to hold it. So what did hubby do? He walked across the street and has been attaching it to the stop sign in our sweet across the street neighbors yard.

I know, great form, right?!! Ha ha! It's the turquoise sandals I slid on to walk outside

John Mark's biggest fan!! She cheers the loudest for him at his practices and games and tries the 'chat' with him at odd times and assured me the other day when I explained it was poor timing that it would be fine for her to do so "Mom, I'm just a sister who wants to talk to my little brother, it's not a big deal" I love how much my kids love each other...I just pray it stays that way!
oh wait...did I mention the neighbor whose yard/stop sign we are using is a police officer? Notice his car in the background?

yes i know I've been instructed that I my feet were not square with the pole...or something like that...I have no idea, I have always had a great fear of objects hurtling toward my head. But it is fun,I will admit long as the ball stays attached to the rope I can enjoy it!

Neighbor and his precious wife assured us they didn't mind that it's city property, but still...thankfully (I think) this weekend my handy hubby got a metal pole and cemented it into our backyard to attach the thing to. I have a 12 ft metal pole rising from my backyard...okay so several feet are buried, but still......
fortunately it's hidden in the back of the yard behind trees so I can't actually see it from the kitchen window or even the deck.

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