Saturday, October 4, 2008

We've been boo'd!!

oh hooray...getting boo'd marks the start of the Halloween season in our house!! So fun!! So whoever boo'd me if you are reading this YOU MADE MY NIGHT!!

So here's the deal if you aren't familiar and want to start some fun in your own neighborhood. My Aunt passed this down to me some years ago and I filed it away til I lived in a neighborhood where it would work. Another neighbor and I just loved it and got it started the year we all built our houses and moved in. She (and the social committee) now take on getting it started and our neighbors all get pretty into it. I sure wish though that I had some pictures of Heidi and I those first years all dressed in black going all over the neighborhood, and nearly wetting our pants laughing so hard as we rang doorbells and ran! Oh so so fun...have I mentioned I LOVE my neighbors and neighborhood??!!
so here's what all my excitement is about...

Tonight my hubby and I went on a 'date'...okay so it was a business dinner with a bunch of his collegues, but we had great food (Elevation Chophouse in Kennesaw...recommend it), were together with no children and enjoyed the company of those around us...anyway...we got home and I was walking our babysitter to the door and she says "you have a bag on your doorstep, do you know that?" huh?! Should have known of course.....I'd been Boo'd I think Emily (babysitter) thought i'd gone positively NUTS I was so excited and started running around because I already had my boo return stuff purchased and ready to go to the next neighbor! hee hee!! Ohhhhhh way fun!! I love my neighborhood and I love Halloween...I love Halloween in my neighborhood!

So on my doorstep I found this:

Inside it was this:

With a note tied with orange ribbon that said this:

YOU'VE BEEN BOO'D!!!!!!!!!!

This Halloween there's something to do- it's the Menlow Station Neighborhood BOO! A friendly goblin left it here to spread a little "ghostly" cheer. It's not fright, it's not a scare, it's just a secret smile to share.

You've been BOO'D, Now your're the one to pass along the "spooky" fun to a friend who'd love a special 'treat' and neighbors up and down the street! It's easy and it's fun to do - It's up to YOU to share the BOO!

Watch the ghostly cheer spread far and near by secretly placing a BOO sign, Halloween goody and instructions within 24 hours at one of your neighbor's doorstep. Be sure to place your BOO sign on your front door/window to let ghostly Halloween neighbors know that

YOU'VE BEEN BOO'D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!

I didn't get a picture of my boo sign yet because I got it up into my window ASAP as if you don't you run the risk of getting double boo'd :-)

I love my neighbors because they know me...whoever left this knows I like to bake, knows I love to bake with my kiddos!! I have a new set of Wilton Halloween cookie cutters, sugar cookie mix, Halloween sprinkles, glow sticks and stickers (that closely resemble glitter eh hem..those of you neighbors know who that is directed at!) and of course some sweet treats! oh so fun!! I love the fun of Halloween!! I'll have to take a picture one night of my neighbor's behind me Halloween display. yep it's just plain fun here in this 'hood!! And Aunt Genia if you read this...THANK YOU for starting this fun and knowing that this is so totally something I would enjoy!!

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