Sunday, October 12, 2008

whirlwind weekend

Making the popcorn and 'spider web' (cotton candy with spider rings!)
Hard at work...Chris, Emilee, and Pam (THANKS GUYS!!)

I've seen other bloggers comment on not being able to get their pictures in order, but never had that problem til let me move one and now won't let me move any so sorry for the chaos of the pictures...kind of fits with our weekend though.

I was up til the wee hours of the morning Saturday morning trying to get MK's halloween costume done. She comes up with some whoppers of ideas that challenge me each year. This year she wanted to be a "woodland fairy sitting on a toadstool" So hi ho hi ho off to work I went....Saturday morning we hit the ground running. Got ready and headed to their old school to enjoy their yearly fall festival. We joined up with friends from church and enjoyed the day with them and visiting with old friends, etc! It was nice to see all the familiar faces again! We left just in time to run in the house change into baseball clothes and head off to baseball practice....and then left there early to run home and make it a few minutes late for our annual neighborhood halloween party...which was great fun!
They had the annual costume parade led by Ooogie boogie and the Mayor of Halloween Town, had the costume contest, and enjoyed popcorn and cotton candy while watching the Nightmare before Christmas on the Big screen under the stars. It was a blast! If you didn't know...we love our neighborhood :-)

So here's the shots...but UGH...they are all over the place...

Janis cuddling with Kelly's Chloe...she so sweet and snuggly!!
Rob, Noah, Kelly (with Heidi's Ella bella) Joy (ready to deliver!!), Oogie Boogie (aka Robert)and the Mayor (aka Dave)

Thanks Oogie for scaring me to death....
Zoie and friends

the mess Friday night/Sat morning in my room when I was done with the costume

Sebastian takes his turn at the dunk tank!

john Mark, Owen, Brock and Zak watching the movie - notice the cotton candy and popcorn...yum!!
MK watching the movie

did a bit more after this picture and gave up for the night and decided I'd just get them done for Halloween, but after she won the costume contest I may just leave them as is....this wasn't the finished product, they got some bend and form from wire inside, got shortened, etc..but I thought I'd do some more even, but....well...not sure I'll get that motivated...but then not sure I can stand it either :-)
MaryKyle, Abbey, John Mark and Emily! We had a ball at fall festival!!'s Ms we love Ms Etherton!! This is my kids kindergarten teacher...I only got to see their 1st and 2nd grade teachers briefly in the hall or I would have taken their pictures too...we were blessed with 3 amazing teachers when my kids were in public school and we are so thankful for all 3 of them!! That's right, I don't homeschool because I had a bad teacher fact quite the opposite. If you are enrolled in Robert's elementary you can not go wrong with Ms Etherton, Mrs Stacy and Ms Spencer!!!!!!!!!!

Sweet!! 2 out of 3 john Mark dunks Mr G!!!!


Elizabeth S said...

MK's costume turned out great!!!

EmileeHopeBinkleyTurner said...

Hey, the pictures are great! (It would be nice if we could get them posted on the neighborhood website as well, since my husband wasn't there to take pictures!!) Again, it was great to visit with you for a moment on Saturday night, hope the ants didn't get you too bad!! Have a great week!

The Unlikely Homeschooler said...

thanks Elizabeth, still have a bit of work to do on it, but it worked for Saturday and she loved it, so we'll see... :-)

it was so good to chat with you Emilee! Nope, just the one ant bite..whew...hope you escaped them! I'll look on the new website, I've not figured it out yet. Hope Kevin enjoyed tinkering on that cool car of his!! :-) Tell him we missed him!

Sheri Ellis said...

Wow! MK's costume looks awesome!!!