Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I hate 'new normals'

John Mark's daily prayers (1 time daily minimum): "....and God please help Aaliyah to come back and live with us forever" same words each day...sometimes he makes us tack it on to the end of our prayers if he thinks about it and it's on his heart at that moment particularly and he looks at us like " FORGOT to say...."

MaryKyle while walking through Target with me the other day: "you will never guess what I saw in the Halloween store Mommy!....An Abby Cadabby costume!!!! Won't Aaliyah just LOVE it Mommy!? Can we get it for her PLEASE?!"

What John Mark doesn't know: I get a piercing feeling in my heart each and every time those words come out of his mouth.

What MaryKyle doesn't know: I saw the same costume and cried right there standing in the aisle of the store.

I HATE new normals!! I HATE when I'm asked how many children I have!! I hate Fulton County DFCS!! I hate that there can not be better laws to protect foster children!! I hate I do not know what to do to make it better for other children. I want to. How do these people TV movies are made of get anywhere? where do they start? how do they have the energy to fight 'the system?'

But most importantly...have you ever seen a cuter little girl? She had a ball playing in flour that day. I gave it to her to occupy her so MaryKyle could finger paint. And it worked and she had a ball!!

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Elizabeth S said...

I wish I had answers for you. I am so sorry. Love you.