Saturday, October 11, 2008

eh hem....I need my gift back please!

The day I was born I was given the most amazing gift. I treasure each and every day even still. It has brought me comfort when I faced challenges. It is so dear to my heart and helps me find confidence when I don't think I have any. It's a gift I hope to pass on to my children.

So many wonderful things have come my way thanks to it and the very best is it help me nab an incredible awesome wonderful amazing man all thanks to that baby gift. Seriously have I mentioned my amazing husband. I met him my freshman year of college. Where I went to college every freshman went several days before classes started and the upperclassman came for something called "Interface" it was just a casual time to acclimate to campus and make some friends.

My hubby was my Interface leader. I got to campus late that was minutes before all the festivities began. Each interface leader was supposed to go to the room of their freshman charges & introduce themselves and tell the freshman where to be next and when. So after my parents said their goodbyes off I went to meet my group who was under his charge.

His girlfriend broke up with him that week. and we flirted all that week....and went on our first date once he wasn't my Interface leader any the campus Luau. We skipped out early and on a next to nothing budget headed to the county fair. We rode the ferris wheel only and walked around talking about the quilts on display and log houses and lots of other ramblings about what we wanted in life. Only the money on the ferris wheel ride was spent and it was just an amazing time. We got into his truck to leave and BANG...we hit a pipe that was sticking up out of the ground in the fair's makeshift parking lot. And well...doing what I do best...I started giggling. Something bad happens, I laugh..something got it...laugh. He had just gotten this truck. he loved this old truck. and all he kept worrying about was how his Dad was going to put touch up paint on it and he hated touch up paint...ha ha ha ha...YEP I LAUGHED even harder!! :-) laughing now thinking about it in fact!! He wasn't laughing...he was just down right upset. I felt bad, but tried to get him laughing too...I mean what else are you going to do? I talked to my best friend from High school, Mollie, that night and in my 17 year old dramatic way...told her all about meeting this great guy and how he wanted all the same things I did in life and how I wondered if he could be 'the one'!

i got a note in campus mail the next day...that said simply "thank you for making me laugh, I had a great time last night" or something like that. Found out later (long time later) he told his roommate that night that I was who he wanted to marry.

We went on a few "church dates" that week and then he called from my dorm lobby and wanted to talk to was over. his girlfriend wanted to get back together. And that was it....

We hung out around the same people and stayed friends. I became good friends with his girlfriend who was great! And that was that....never thought another thing about him in that way. And then, I dropped out of college and moved home.

Until....3 years later...even longer story I'll skip over but by an odd turn of events we end up on a date. One I truly hadn't planned on or wanted to really be on but I ended up having another amazing time sharing and talking and ...& thanks to my treasured gift...3 weeks later we were engaged. And within 6 months we were married. All because when I was born my parents started praying. They prayed for the man I was going to marry. And when I became engaged to a virtual stranger to them my Mother's response was "well I prayed every day of your life that you would find a wonderful Christian man to marry I'm not arguing with how He does it" and that was that! What a gift...what an incredibly wonderful amazing lifelong gift. One I can never send a thank you note for that would ever come close to expressing the gratitude I feel! One that I truly hope I can pass on to my kiddos.

I am in love, wonderful love with this simply amazing man that I married and that my parents prayed for. he has been gone for 3 days and I can hardly stand it. I miss him. My daughter said the first night he was gone "Mommy the house just doesn't feel the same without Daddy" I have to agree.

I am so blessed. Blessed to have praying parents and blessed to experience and be growing old with their answered prayer!!


andysbethy said...

Hello - I am Emilee's sister, Bethany. I just wanted to say that I loved this posting. I completely and utterly agree. Our parents did the same thing. I have tried to do the same thing for my boys already also. I know that God's hand was guiding my husband, and protecting him, long before I ever met him and I am so thankful to my parents for praying that protection over him for me.
Thanks for such a beautiful thought.

The Unlikely Homeschooler said...

Thanks Bethany. It's amazing looking back at my life and how blessed I have been thanks to such a simple act on my parents part. I hope so much that my children will feel the same way one day! you sure have a wonderful sister, but i'm sure you already know that! We are so blessed to have her up the street!