Thursday, October 9, 2008

apology accepted

I went into my kids rooms after they fell asleep tonight and whispered I loves yous (as I do most nights)...I also whispered an apology for being a lazy Mommy today.
MK woke up just a bit at that and said "it's okay Mommy, it's our fault we watched too much TV" we talked a bit more about it all and how tomorrow we were going to have a fun filled day laughing together....after, I told her what an amazinging angel she is and loved on her she gave me a big hug and whispered "thank you for being a wonderful Mommy" She forgives me!

I did the same for John Mark. he was sacked out in about 2 seconds after hitting the pillow tonight and he never opened his eyes, but when I whispered "I'm sorry I was a lazy Mommy today" he groggily mumbled "I love you Mommy, it's okay...mumble mumble..." not sure of the last of he was saying something as he drifted back off. He forgives me.

I will never come close to deserving their unconditional love or compliments. It's amazing how our children don't see our warts or that they do and love us anyway! but tomorrow I am going to try to do better than today, perhaps start the day with a little music & dancing with our oatmeal. and just perhaps a little couch jumping!


Elizabeth S said...

That is so sweet! Unfortunately, with the situation we are in right now, I can't seem to find motivation most days. But you're right, my kids love me anyway!! You are a fantastic mom.

The Unlikely Homeschooler said...

thanks Elizabeth, I know you are too! I am sorry for the situation you guys are in right now. I pray that God reveals the next plan for you very soon and in the meantime that you are able to find a peace and laughter.