Thursday, October 9, 2008

off with the hair!

My son....decided he wanted to shave his head about a week or so ago. Ack!! His hair was butchered recently and we joked about it then, was a joke. however ever since, he's kept mentioning it. So the other day hubby decided he would do it if John Mark wanted him to. it didn't go so well at first as whatever we happening with the clippers was hurting him. but then they did a temporary mohawk and then off it went. FORTUNATELY for Mommy not totally bald. But still....aaahhh!! I truly almost cried. Funny I thought it odd when hubby had a reaction at all when MaryKyle first donated her hair shen she was 4 or 5, but I really was doing all I could to not freak out. It's not so bad, but he has such great hair. And here I was hoping for him to grow it out. he likes it short and he deserves to have a say.

But it just looks cold to me. we'll see when it starts getting really cold how he feels about it :-) hee hee!!

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