Tuesday, October 21, 2008

yummies and fun

Game night with Daddy! After John Mark and Daddy finished a game of Blokus, a fierce game of Scrabble broke out. Addition, multiplication, spelling, vocabulary....who knew that Scrabble incorporated such things?! They didn't figure that part out, but they sure had fun - and MaryKyle won with JohnMark only I think 2 points behind!! hooray!!

Oh yum...well that's what my family says and it sure does smell good! Since I can't eat popcorn thanks to Crohn's disease, I don't know except I did lick the spoon from the caramel pot! It's so fall looking too! My family has gone nuts on it...I found the recipe on a blog that now I can't find to link to..when I do I will pass it along!!

okay so here is my frustration for the day. I planned on making mini baseball cupcake pops for John Mark's game tonight. I did the cake last night, prepared the balls and was ready to do them today. I went on this morning and made some pumpkin bread, pumpkin muffins and the caramel chocolate popcorn above...no rush, I just need to dip them. So later in the afternoon I dipped them in white - that part looked great. Then I used my new Wilton edible markers I got just for this occassion. UGH!! I give these things TWO THUMBS DOWN!! They claim to write on frosting, cookies, etc....and others have used edible markers on candy melts. it's actually a great surface for them...but they would NOT work on mine. not sure if it's the Wilton ones or not...hubby thinks so (yes he was trying too). So at the last minute I melted yellow candy melts and dipped some in there and put chocolate smiley faces on...I know they don't look very good, but I only had minutes at this point...UGH...I had such plans for the baseballs with the Braves A on them and such for their team....UGH!!

But the FUNNY thing is....the cupcake is red velvet...so when the boys bite into these smiley faces their heads will be 'blood red' oh UGH!! I didnt mean to give the boys some gorey snack...but it is stinkin funny. I can't wait to get a picture!!

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Sheri Ellis said...

I think I'm tired and punchy, I was cracking up at the blood coming out the smiley faces.