Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Monkeying around

Sorry for the lack of posts, I spent last week in Honduras and the time before that was consumed with preparations for the trip. My amazing husband schooled the kids, worked, did laundry, fed the family, transported to baseball...friends houses, etc etc...all so I could go! I am so insanely blessed for sure!
So I wasn't monkeying around the entire time really...just made a new little friend during my time there! Otherwise I spent my time taking 300+kids school pictures. If you don't know why we go to Honduras so much, we go for the Trujillo Christian School a work our congregation took over after Katrina devastated the congregation in Louisiana that started this work.
The school has over 300 children that would not all get the gift of an education otherwise as public school there isn't free.
We operate solely on sponsors and all of the funds go to the operating of the school. We actually have 40 kids we need to find sponsors for this year so if you're looking for a great work to get involved with....ask me! I'll get you plugged in for sure! I know shameless plug...sorry but $35 a month goes a LONG way for a child in Honduras!!!


EmileeHopeBinkleyTurner said...

Welcome back! We are making the cupcakes and stuffing the eggs on Friday evening if you want to help. Can't wait to hear more about your trip!

The Claunch Family said...

Hi Rachel! I saw the link to your blog on FB and wanted to check it out!

Anonymous said...

So thankful yawl made it home safely! Thanks for all your great works Rachel! You look alot like your sis in the picture with your new friend that you met in Hondurus!
LOL, Bev

Louisiana Laura said...

Rachel, So nice to meet you last Sunday, God is good and so glad He brought you our way.
We have read flat-stanley, and will have to revisit that idea of sending him out... Jack is always wanting to get mail... this might spark something. Also, I'll be checking into the trujillo school site. Shameless plugs are effective...!! Thanks for reminding me, it's an answer to prayer. p.s. we start schooling at home 'on record' next fall.
See you soon- in cyberworld!
Laura Sherman