Friday, April 17, 2009

We had a fun weekend in Charlotte, NC last weekend. Enroute home somewhere in South Carolina we pulled off for gas and water.
When we pull off the interstate we realize alot of the old buildings at this little tiny exit have facades of different types. This one really caught our eye...
Obviously whoever built it didn't make the money they wanted or ran out of money. It was defunct video game store...boarded up. parking lot never fully completely...not paved at all, etc...But WOW the detail to that went into this facade. It was incredible. you could see into the foyer through these huge wooden doors and could see a huge chandelier, was so sad to see something someone had put so much into just boarded up and rotting. But my kids thought it was so cool to get their picture made in front of it. Hmm....if I could buy it what would I do with such a place???

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