Monday, April 20, 2009

Ever woken up EIGHT????

What happens when you wake up and you're EIGHT YEARS OLD??????

Why your bedroom door is decorated with EIGHT balloons...of course!!

when you walk downstairs to eat b'fast you find EIGHT wishes for you from your family

(and you read them and don't notice that the stairs need vacuuming - you run the risk of this occurring if you wake up EIGHT on a Monday and Mommy took the weekend off from major cleaning cuz she had lots of activities, etc to do instead that meant she was barely at home )

You have a b'day crown...covered with EIGHTS, a big glitter covered EIGHT is on the table and there are lots of EIGHTS and EIGHT things your family likes about YOU on the curtain!!!

and OF Course everyone who wakes up EIGHT should have EIGHT shaped pancakes.
(and if you're John Mark you get frozen fruit too because you love it so much!!)

So far, EIGHT IS GREAT (and it's only just past EIGHT o'clock am!!!)


Amy said...

Eight is GR-eight!!!! TOO CUTE. Love the new blog layout too. Nice job.

King Family said...

So cute! What a great day!!!!