Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Adventures of Flat Adam

My cousin's little boy's class has been reading 'Flat Stanley' and they were each to send out a Flat version of themselves to someone and then that person is to document their adventures.
I wish I'd done better of documenting Flat Adam's experiences so Real Adam could really get a feel for where all the flattened version of himself has been. Like just this past weekend Flat Adam went to 4 states in one day...Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana. Our destination was Louisiana, but I so regret not stopping on the side of the interstate at the "welcome to..." signs along the way to get his picture at each sign...boohoo...20/20 hind sight.
Flat Adam heads to North Carolina this weekend!! But here are his adventures thus far....hopefully Full Adam will like them!!Flat Adam got to sit by the window on the airplane!!

He swang on the swings at Trujillo Christian School in Trujillo, Honduras

Climbed a coconut tree (yes coconuts are green in Honduras)

made some new friends

who even shared their yummy Popsicle (frozen banana!!) with him

hung out in an avacado tree and watched the kids play (fresh guacamole from the avacados on this tree...YUMMY!)

and made even more friends

went to a party where some new friends made lots of delicious Honduran foods (enchiladas on the left, tacos in the middle and chicken salad on the right - Flat Adam was shocked that enchiladas and tacos in Honduras look very different than what he is used to)

Got to be in charge of the remote at the hotel room in Mississippi
(Aunt Rachel made sure it was all kid appropriate programming though!)

got to see some really cool fish

and was nearly eaten by a 'gator in Louisiana!
(whew thank goodness for Uncle Thad...he saved me from those big teeth!)

oh and let's not forget the new possum friend!

Big Adam...Flat Adam is having a lot of fun...we will be sad to see him leave soon! Hopefully he'll have a lot of fun with MaryKyle and John Mark this weekend in North Carolina too!!
We all love you and miss you and seeing Flat Adam reminds us of all the fun we like to have with you!! We'll have to get together really soon!!


Laura Beth said...

Flat Adam is SO cute! Not as cute as the REAL Adam, of course, but still . . .

Precious idea and great pictures! The remote and the aligator are particularly amusing!

The Unlikely Homeschooler said...

oh come on...I need appreciate for the possum. You would not believe the madness to get that picture..hee hee!! I was freaking out as that possum was suspended from the ceiling on the bottom of a canoe and I just knew flat Adam was going to drop on the heads of people walking below. Thad was working so hard to get his head to stand up and not fold over....we have a lot of headless takes...hee hee!! We cracked ourselves up working so hard at it...It was hard to find some creative places for pictures where he didn't have to be held up by someone. hee hee!! We've had fun and laughed quite a bit doing it!!

Anonymous said...

From Big Adam: "Thank you so much for the pictures and for taking me on such great adventures" He went on to say, "I knew I picked the right outfit because I was thinking it would be hot there"

From Big Staci: oh my, these pictures are hilarious and sooo very creative! I got so tickled at the remote picture. I am going to e-mail his teacher about your blog so she can get a taste. I Love you and appreciate this soooo sooo much.