Sunday, June 13, 2010

our lives are about to slow down a bit.....

and speed up....all at the same time!

How is that possible?  Well we head to Honduras tomorrow.  Where things operate on a bit of a different type of schedule. Where we don't always have water or power. Where we fight the insects and watch out for other critters.  And where, as my daughter says it, "we spend more quality time as a family"
No TV to distract us.  No regular internet connection.  No car.  And we love it!!  We are really excited.
We head there tomorrow to make preparations for a large team of Christians to join us.  We will be getting all the plans set in place, the supplies purchased, etc etc.  So the time will fly.  both before the group gets there and then when they arrive we'll be so busy it will just be like a flash.  But a flash of time that we will enjoy thoroughly!!
We are SOOOO excited that Honduras is in the World Cup for the first time since the 80's and we will get to be there to enjoy the excitement, energy and fun!!  Hondurans are proud and excited...and well they should be!!  Jerseys are packed, we are ready to join in the fun!!!


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Rachel said...

Have a GREAT time!!! So sorry I haven't been in touch before you left! Things have been crazy at work with a June 15 deadline...

Anonymous said...

So excited for you and your family. What a wonderful cultural lesson for you and the children. Ejoy! And thank you for doing a some incredible christian work :)