Thursday, August 7, 2008

A fun day!

We had such a fun day today!! Alecia asked us over to swim, along with other friends. All of our kids were in the same kindergarten class together (WE LOVE MS ETHERTON!!). John Mark went on to his first grade class with Taylor and Alex (WE LOVE MRS STACY!!). But all the girls are in Brownies together and Sherry and Mel are the 'fearless leaders' And several are in Spanish class together weekly.
Well, I'm pretty sure no matter when we get together we mommies always spend longer than we plan. Our husbands generally show up after Spanish class at Armida's house (where class is held) since they know when we aren't at home when they get home from work that's where we are...hee hee! So they get to spend a lot of time together too.
I should have known when we went to swim that wouldn't be the end of it.....

so while we are at the pool Armida mentions that she is teaching a Spanish class at "Jump for Joey's" later that afternoon and if we all wanted to bring our kiddos that we got in for $5 and had an hour Spanish class and then could jump til they closed! SOLD!! We chatted at the pool and then Alecia's house til it was only about an hour and a half til the Spanish class...

singing the "Chango Marango"

Mel and Sam

Dylan loving on Joey

So Mel's hubby calls to see where she is and came on to J4J and then Mario shows up too....hee hee!! And Rea says they are heading for Mexican and did anyone want to go...he later admitted he didn't really expect anyone to say yes...ha ha ha!! WRONG!! So 20 of us gathered at La Cocina for dinner...YUMMY and we giggled and laughed and just overall enjoyed being together...Sweet Ms Armida treated the kiddos to Churros since she knows from Spanish class how much they love them!

our table

the crazy crazy Mommies...who's the craziest? Depends on the moment for sure!

in this moment...Sherry and Armida salsa dancing outside before we left!
Truly no alcohol was consumed!

trying to be cool, but falling on each other...we are so old girls!!

got it this time...well, while supporting each other a bit...hee hee!!
too much caffeine I think

before we said good-bye our girls insisted on doing 'the friendship circle' just as they end their Brownie meetings...and above is what Alex and John Mark were doing while the girls did their friendship circle...after the girls insisted that only Brownies did it...hee hee!!
THANKS for a fun day my friends...MaryKyle fell asleep in the car on the way home and John Mark wasn't too far behind!!

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