Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Love - adore - fancy

While ordering some new math workbooks the other day I came across this book by Neil Stephen Klayman. I thought it looked cute illustration wise, and I liked the idea of finding a really fun way to talk more about Synonyms. It arrived today, and we LOVE it!! It's So cute!! and when we were done John Mark asked if we had a Thesaurus because he wanted to look through one and all the different words!!! thankfully we do -well and he also wanted to take a bite and see what it tasted like, but we assured him that just like with Boris, the words would only go to his tummy not to his go to your brain you need to read lots!!

Two thumbs up for Boris!! We truly fancied, liked, admired it!!!

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King Family said...

Sound like a great book. I hope school is going well for all of you.