Thursday, April 15, 2010


Yep that's what my life has been lately.  But it's also been good, I'm so so so blessed beyond measure!
I've watched my Mother in law be diagnosed with cancer and handle it with grace, courage and faith (and then on her birthday no ruled cancer free!!!)
I've watched my children show their love for God and their strong desire to grow in Him.  They simply AMAZED us and made us proud at the LTC convention!!
I've seen my husband off on yet another trip to Honduras where he was sheltered, fed, and cared for by dear friends of really!
I've washed lots of dirty clothes.
I've watched many a soccer games where my non-competitive, really overall non-athletic daughter has cheered on her teammates...and the players of the other team. And had a WONDERFUL time playing, not worrying one bit about not being the best on the team and seeing the importance of every person's role!  and I've been shocked at how she's jumped in there and played!!
I've watched water gun fights with all the neighborhood kids drawn like a magnet to my yard and enjoyed chatting with their parents who weren't far behind their kiddos in coming over.
I've sat around a fire with neighbors enjoying immensely the night air and good company.
I've enjoyed seeing old friends from high school days.
I've washed lots of dirty clothes
I've seen my son gain new confidence in tennis after not feeling hardly any at all with baseball.
I've spent hours reading out loud sitting on the back deck enjoying the sunshine with my kiddos.
I've spent hours reading out loud in the car on multiple road trips.
I've watched John Mark obsess about birds and bird watching (and shhhhh...but next week I'll see him open a brand new set of good bird-watching binoculars for his 9th birthday).
I've washed lots of dishes.
I've attempted to kill myself day after day in feeble attempts to do P90x (oooh I love it, but!)
I've barely had time to CLEAN (as in dust, scrub, mop, etc) my house.
And i've let my blog go.
And I've been fussed at.
SO time to get it going again...sorry sorry I've been away!!



You're Back Blogging! Hooray! I was so excited to read your post! No pressure to keep up though! :) You are such a busy Mommy! :)

Wow! You have had to go through so much! I had no idea! I'm glad to hear about That's Mom! Praise God! And that is so sweet to hear about MK and JM too! Tennis, birds, soccer (football), road trips, and growing little Christians! You are an AMAZING Mommy!

Oh and cleaning, laundry, dishes are WAY underrated! Blah!

Missed ya!

Tricia said...

Welcome back!

Laura at By the Bushel said...

so happy you've been using your blog time as wonderfully as you have been! I figured you'd been a little busy but wow! Wow!
So glad to see you but more glad you're livin'life! :)

EmileeHope said...

Welcome back Rach...missed your posts while you were away, but I know you have been ridiculously busy!!

Patty said...

I notice you washed a lot of clothes. You can use my machine when you get here. Good news about your MIL. What a wonderful birthday present. Our God is an awesome God!