Saturday, April 24, 2010


Well life hasn't slowed down.  Come on life....give me a yield sign for just a few days please. I thought it was going to, but it hasn't.  I wasn't going to post as I have no pictures to post or time to do it, but decided getting back in the habit of posting was better.

I'll try to get some pictures up later of the cupcakes and b'day cake I made for last night and today.
My head is still spinning though so let me get some sleep and then we'll see....

One dull boring day with NOTHING would be amazing right now!! I'm so far behind on.....well EVERYTHING!!  But life is never ever dull that's for sure and I'm constantly reminded of what an amazing man I married and what a blessed life I lead!  So really I don't mind the madness.  Just trying to handle it all as the best Christian Mommy, Wife, friend, etc I can!!

I'm thinking til we sit on the plane headed to Honduras this summer we're going to be running at full throttle.
But that just makes us appreciate so much more the daily siesta times and the mañana lifestyle we live and experience when there!!  OH WAIT...we're going to have over 30 North Americans coming a few days after us ready to be put to work....well perhaps I'll get my ONE day in before they arrive, right??!!!!
Can't believe it's almost time to head south for the summer....hmmmm?????  (yeah we've always done thing a little differently!!)

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Laura at By the Bushel said...

ok, put the box in the closet that comes from me and look at it when 'the time comes'. You know what's in it, there's no personal note, Self contained. lol. I mailed it along with several other items that seemed to be piling up, but we ARE in our homestead.
Just bought washer & dryer today, and hooking up only internet & phone tomorrow. no tv. I can't go to Honduras so I have to simplify my life somehow. Of course those folks coming behind you to work are going to create alot of work for you! No rest for the busy/weary- Be safe please post departure date... I'll be praying for safe travels and blessed opportunity for all- Laura