Tuesday, May 18, 2010

So this year we planted a vegetable garden.  Our goal was small....but we wanted to use heirloom seeds and do it organically.  I've done tomatoes and a few other things before and we have herbs and some fruits, but a full fledged garden is a new experience. We got the seeds from Seed Savers , followed the Square Foot Gardener method and were determined to keep it relatively small and simple this first year. Our one goal....grow enough tomatoes to can a bunch of sauces and pastes for the year....the rest would be for fun.

Well guess what? Everything else is growing pretty well (this is the green beans a couple weeks ago) EXCEPT the tomatoes.  Sigh.....and there are LOTS of tomato plants.

Have I ever mentioned I have a totally black thumb??  Seriously black...no talent for growing at all.  But I THINK I've figured out the problem. Thanks to a friend from church that owns a local organic farm and from lots of reading online.  One site I found thanks to Homestead Revival  is www.chiotsrun.com
I think we had a nitrogen deficiency and a over-loved issue!!  So I added a bit of nitrogen this weekend and I'm leaving them alone to fend for themselves a bit.  They've already started to green up.  now if the soil would just heat up and we'd stop having cool weather than I think they MIGHT take off!!  MIGHT.....remember that horrid black thumb...who knows??
They aren't dead yet, just sort of stopped growing.

But realistically, the odds are not necessarily in their favor?!!  

The best part of the veggie garden is enjoying it with my amazing hubby.
Mornings you'll often find us, coffee mug in hand, wandering around the veggie beds discussing what's growing well, what's not, etc. what we will do differently in the future, etc  Evenings....same thing.
Mid day...same thing.  ha ha!!  We are enjoying it....together!!  So if nothing lives or produces we will still have enjoyed it...and won't give up!

NOTE: please excuse the hideous yard in the background.  our current project is that we tilled up our entire backyard, put down tons of topsoil, tilled it in, picked up loads and loads of rocks and the sod will be delivered TOMORROW and yes we're laying it ourselves!! Hopefully by next summer I'll have a lush backyard!!
We've had all sorts of issues with seed in the backyard (our front was sodded when we built), so we just decided to bite the bullet and go with sod and redo the soil from the lousy job our builder did and do it right!!   My sweet neighbor  brought over this cool book the other day on organic lawn care.  It's a MUCH easier read than any other's I've looked at (and bored of) and has some really interesting tricks.  I'm going to hopefully be giving one a try in the next few days.  More on that to come......


Laura at By the Bushel said...

headed to mine right now! I just put in some sad plants, my garden was delayed by a terrible flu bug, that well, laid me out for a few crucial days. But I'm back out there! planting basil as we speak, saw her/both ladies/posts today. Inspiring! Glad to see we're sharing in this fun too!
BTw, I pulled out my sewing machine today!... what to do first... need something fun, to just enjoy, schanse


Oh wow! Great job on the garden! It looks amazing! My mom once did the square foot garden! Brings back memories!

Oh and I forgot to tell you that Mikey made a point to leave out our massive sprinkler for ya'll when the sod comes. We used it for our sod and it can cover the entire front or back yard with one rotation. It's on our front porch - you can't miss it - it looks like it belongs on the moon. You are welcome to borrow it for as long as you need - or as long as it takes for the sod to grow. We have no use for it this summer - our grass in the back - well it's just dirt (*sigh* maybe we'll do sod oneday too!) - nothing to water back there.

And you do not seem to have a black thumb! You're doing tremendous!!!

Patty said...

Get an almanac and plant by the moon. I don't know how it works, I just know it does. Do yu have a compost heap? I can't wait for you to get here so I can get some tips for curing my black thumb.