Monday, May 10, 2010

yesterday I was talking to a friend whose husband every year on Mother's day leaves and goes to his Mom's for Mother's day, leaving her with their 3 kids.  
I thought....goodness me, at least take the kids with you so your wife gets a break
 a few of us just gawked at him.
But you know what?  The more I thought on that last night I thought
How awesome he wants to spend some time with his Mommy to give her honor for what she did for him and to spend some quality time with her!!
What a tribute to that Mom and what a great example for his sons!!
Why is it I expect a break for Mother's Day??
I get that we Mom's do a lot and some down time is nice.
Don't get me wrong.  
But I also realize how much some others out there that I love dearly would LOVE to be a Mommy and would be ever so willing and thankful to have little ones to do the laundry for on Mother's day  
or to get up and fix breakfast for, 
wash the dishes for, 
clean up after....on Mother's day.  
Those that want to BE A MOMMY!!
The world teaches us it should be a day our family gives us a break....a day for ME!

But I'm thinking it's a day for ME in a different way maybe

...for ME to sit back and realize how amazing I have it.  
For ME to be thankful that I have little ones in my home whose laundry I get to wash.
for ME to be thankful for each and every laugh I share with them
for ME to be thankful and realize just what a gift it is to wash their dishes and make their meals.
for ME to be thankful for the man that I married who helped me create these amazing beings.
I can remember years ago as a child getting a gift from my Mother on mother's day.  
I knew that she said it was in honor of us making her a Mother....but I didn't fully get it then.
But I'm getting it Mom....slowly but surely.  

Because my reality is I'm SO thankful to be the Mommy to these two precious ones.  
I hope next year I remember that I want it to be
about ME giving GOD THE GLORY for gifting me with these two!!  

(although I do LOVE my new juicer!)


Andy's Bethy said...

Thank you for writing that. You have no idea, or maybe your do, how much I appreciate it.

EmileeHope said...

Hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day!

Laura at By the Bushel said...

That is wonderful- really.
Have had to be thankful more for the little kindnesses, with so much going on! Thank you for reminding me what a blessing it is to be a mommy- Laura

Raquel said...

Thank you. And boy, you write beautifully!! And thanks for reminding me just how good I've got it..with my wonderful husband and incredible children.