Friday, December 28, 2007

Our classroom

We decided we wanted a learning space in our house where school will take place. We have a 'formal living room' that we've always called our 'library' only because the main piece of furniture has always been a big bookcase so we would do lots of reading and such in there...So this room we decided to transform into our classroom.

I'll take a picture and post when we finally get it put together. We want to make it a fun positive space in the house, where the kids are comfortable, but where they are encouraged to do their work in learning environment as well. It will probably take some time to get it exactly how I want it with curtains, etc. I don't have to rush other than my own desire to get it finished looking!! I wonder if other homeschoolers have classrooms or just use their dining room table or whatnot? I know very few homeschoolers so I don't really know. many curiosities...oh well, the great thing is I can make this what I pressure!! ha ha
I do one friend at church who is also homeschooling. So we plan to get together some for field trips and crafts, etc...
She has 4 kids all together and me 3 so should be interesting!!

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