Sunday, December 30, 2007


My Dad laughed the other day about our decision to homeschool...why? Because I HATED school. Here I am planning on becoming my children's 'teacher' and I absolutely abhorred my school life. I was that kid that dreaded Christmas break ending or summer being over...I would lean down to "tie my shoe" to avoid being called on or going to the board to do a math problem or something of that nature.

I was an EXTREMELY shy kid who lived in fear of getting something wrong. Most who meet me don't believe that I'm shy by nature, but it's true! I never even ordered at a McDonald's myself until like my senior year in highschool and I still loathe the thought of calling to order pizza...all for fear I will stumble over my words!! Crazy, huh...what's CRAZY is this kid who was so scared of school is now planning on teaching her own kids...ha ha!!

I went to a huge highschool to begin with. After my sophomore year my parents saw me drowning sent me to a private school my last two years. It was WONDERFUL!! I ended up graduating in a class of 21 kids altogether. My parents could not believe how I came out of my shell there. I ended up being the captain of the cheerleading squad even - not that I was any good...ha ha just loud! The smaller setting and knowing the teachers cared about me and wanted me to succeed made all the difference in the world!!!
I'm hoping the same will be for my kids. I want them to LOVE learning!! I want them to realize their potential and know that I have the utmost confidence in them. I want them to know they are loved and that they are supported 100%. I want to not be in such a rush each day that I don't get to tell them MULTIPLE times each day how much I love them and cherish them!!
I want them to feel each day and be confident in both mine and my husband's pride in them!!

I love my kids and I want them to know it without a doubt!!!

But let me be clear. My kids had wonderful and gifted teachers at their public school. I will always be thankful for what they provided for my children. The 3 teachers they had were what I would rank as some of the BEST and I'm indebted to them for what they provided for my children and I pray I can continue building on the foundation they created! Everyone always wants to know 'what happened?' ugh...I feel like I'm always telling people NOTHING...not one specific thing happened...this was something we have been pondering for over a year and it just happened to that with some other things (honduras, Aaliyah, Daddy being home now etc) that we felt like the timing was right. But if you were to ask me about their public school I would recommend it and encourage you to get your kids in the same teacher's class that my kids were!!

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