Friday, September 25, 2009

Ob la di ob la da....

arrgghh...I've tried to fix it but blogger has some margin hiccup tonight. Sorry for all the oddities!!

This is a video of pictures taken around our town/area. I didn't take it. A friend passed it on to me. But this is what it has looked like all around us this week.
Yes, we are okay!! We had little to no damage...really the only tiny leak we had isn't worth mentioning at all.

The video doesn't even show you some of the worst hit areas. It's truly just humbling!!

It's amazing.

But as it always does...LIFE GOES ON, it's funny like that! There isn't alot of options but
to keep going with it.
John Mark had a baseball game last night.
It was so much fun (ooo....his coach is SO hot! more on that later for sure!) But as
we arrived and the parents saw each other for the first time in a couple weeks because
of all the rain we all had to trade our stories of the week's events. It is just amazing.
The world is filled with wonderful people is what you are reminded of when
things like this happen. The red cross at one of the shelters was turning away donations as
they've been inundated.
Communities helping each other is such a wonderful thing. Seeing that every
congregation from every denomination is trying to help. neighbors are helping neighbors,
and the world keeps going. and For just a moment we are reminded that we are
surrounded by good, kind people!

That kindness truly exists.

It makes me wonder what the world must have been like when God destroyed it with the
first flood...whew... It must have been a lonely place for Mr and Mrs Noah and their family.

I'm so blessed!!!


Andy's Bethy said...

Guess it is a good thing Em and Kevin missed the rain! Glad you are okay - Mom and Dad kept me updated on the mess up there. Someone said it was the most rain there had been (in the area) in 100 years.

Amber said...

The flood damage here was not nearly as bad as your area but we were able to take some things to one of the shelters and all 3 of us left in tears as our hearts ached for their loses. I just wanted to hug everyone and fix it all. We are so fortunate. The Lord truly blessed all of us who did not have to suffer through this and allowed us to be someone elses angels.