Monday, November 23, 2009

all is well....

At our house for a few days we get to stare at the most beautiful baby....and that feels like just about all we are doing. We have done some school work today, but then we take breaks to just stare.......I mean really, who wouldn't just stare at this........

Isn't she just gorgeous? People ask me all the time "isn't it hard to be a foster parent?" In all honesty, there are days when I want to scream
"YES!!! It's AGONIZING! My heart is being ripped out bit by bit!"

But the reality is, there are so SO many days like today when I want to say:

"seriously??? SERIOUSLY??? Look at this could it be hard to love her with all our might?"
Seriously we are having a ball....and it helps us this week as we move into the holiday season missing the little ones we won't be spending these specials days with.
it's a tiny little beautiful reminder that we have SO much to be thankful for!!

*I am thankful for each and every little soul that has graced our home with their presence.
*I am thankful for every smile
*every laugh
*every cry I got to comfort
*every back I got to pat
*Every burp
*Every little finger and every little toe
*every first step and first word
*every sleepless night
*I'm thankful for the world my birth children see and watching their passion grow to help children who can't help themselves.

*I am thankful for a husband who I must take turns with to snuggle and care for these sweet little ones....he loves them just as much as me and each time I see him cradle a little one I love him even more...even though every single time I think surely I couldn't, my heart might burst. But it doesn't and I do
*I am thankful for a wonderful organization like Georgia AGAPE who ensures these precious children are not only fed and clothed physically, but also spiritually.
*and yes I am thankful for the sadness when we say goodbye to these little ones we get to love for a 'little while' (really their whole lives...they just might not know it). yes really, because that reminds me of why I feel sad sometimes...because of all the things I was blessed to experience with that little one. and each and EVERY child deserves to be loved and missed til a heart might break when they are away from someone. There are too many children that don't have someone to love them and miss them that much in this life.....

THANK YOU GEORGIA AGAPE for all that you do (like working into the night on Saturday nights Kim!!) to ensure that so so many children are loved and cared for (and loved and missed)!! Your work is appreciated!!


Louisiana Laura said...

Oh Baby! What a sweet heart. Thanks for sharing, such sweetness, the picture of the kids in the backseat... :) A blessing you and all of the family are to children whose lives you touch. Praying for you all- snuggle that baby for me!

Andy's Bethy said...

Beautiful - simply beautiful.

Olancho Bound Gringa said...

What a beautiful Baby! Must be so hard to put her down.