Wednesday, November 11, 2009

as requested

(sorry I'm no food photographer...this will have to do, I'm too tired to care)

I made these for an event tonight and got lots of requests for the recipe. Several wanted to make them for Thanksgiving. They were yummy for sure...but super super sweet....I thought the mini-ones were just right. Others wanted to go all out and they enjoyed the big ones. So I was glad I did a mix of both, but definitely glad I didn't make all big ones as for many, it's just too much!

But truly they are yummy.

so here you go. Here is what I did:

I used THIS Pumpkin Cupcake recipe from Martha Stewart Living for the cupcakes.

Then I doubled THIS recipe from ChockyLit (seriously LOVE her cupcakes!!) for her Salted Caramel frosting- (it's further down the page with a chocolate gluten free cupcake.)

I doubled the Salted Caramel (NOT the frosting just the caramel) because I read that suggestion on another blog (and can't find it now...ugh) and dipped the cupcakes in the caramel. I did that and then also followed ChockyLit's suggestion with some extra (there was plenty extra...still have some in my freezer) I put it on a plate and cut up some pieces to top them with. Which promptly melted and ran down the icing after sitting out a bit, but I liked that look too so no worries!! The picture was taken at the end of the this was a sad cupcake, not one of the prettier ones which was promptly gobbled...poor poor cupcake...

oh oh...and I DID NOT put the salt on top...I put the caramel on top. I actually think the sea salt would be really good. But my hubby and kids turned their noses up at the thought. I might try it tomorow with the leftovers and see what it's like...I'm thinking it might help with the sweetness a bit....I'll let you know!

Again I'm just going to warn you...we're talking filthy rich ladies!!

Have I mentioned today how much I love cupcakes?

well I do...I LOOOVEEE CUPCAKES!! and I love having a reason to make them, because I have to make them when I have others here to eat them!! wouldn't be pretty

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