Thursday, May 14, 2009

Indian Style

thanks to an amazing gift/loan of some fun curriculum we are busy turning our house into a wigwam it feels like. This is the kids AFTER school the other day - they made John Mark a costume and made an old one of mine fit MK. They have had a ball playing Indian and dressing up now for school as they read about the different tribes, etc!

GrandMama ran by with some treats after a trip out of town and walked into Indians for perfect that the treat was candy covered sunflower seeds. They deemed it 'Indian Corn' Just had to take a picture.

Now to get John Mark to wear something more than his 'loin cloth' since he loves already to wear as few clothes as possible

Oh and if my friend Amy sees this..cough 'bout that dress? Look familiar? Mk has it flopped over the belt so she could stand cuz it's like a huge potato sack!!
FYI to all...a group of us friends (many many moons ago) did pre-1840 reenactments. Yes I did reenactments and I would say Amy and I could challenge any 'ol boy with our flintlock skills and tomahawk throwing skills...ha ha!! We're cool like that!!!! hee hee!!


EmileeHopeBinkleyTurner said...

Looks like they had a blast!

Amy said...

I LOVE IT!!!!! So funny. I have no clue where my fun little outfit is but I'm thinking I need to find it for Avery. I'm seeing a Pocahontas Halloween outfit in the future. Hee, hee. By the way how are the classes going? You may have posted about it but I haven't made it that far down your site. I'll check here soon and if not I'd love to hear about it.