Friday, May 29, 2009

Dinosaurs in the house

image taken from google images cuz the water isn't near this clean and would take a feat for me to get a decent picture

That's what my kids would tell you right now...that we have a dinosaur in the house. MaryKyle ordered "triops" off OH MY was she excited when the eggs arrived!!

what you can't see the eggs?? Well you can't see the triops either hardly for a few days...magnifying glass needed

here's what comes with them.
We had about 11 eggs hatch and we have one Triop...they are cannibals. We knew that and I had read it to MK even before she ordered the kit. So she wasn't surprised when we only ended up with two triops as they grew (they grow FAST). BUT when she looked in the fish bowl one day to find "Trey" eating "Opie" it was not so pretty....she just "KNEW they would be good friends and not eat each other" alas....once a cannibal always a cannibal. So we now only have ONE triop....he must be a brute!


EmileeHopeBinkleyTurner said...

Yikes! That thing is a little scary looking!!

Louisiana Laura said...

Will definately be checking this out! Coooool.