Monday, June 1, 2009

Friends make the world a happy place!

So I think it's cool that my kids are friends with a few of my childhood friend's kids! Perhaps not as cool to everyone, but as an Army brat who moved every 3 years throughout my childhood (and LOVED it I might add...didn't mind it one bit), well its just cool! My friends Michael and Michael & I were chatting the other day about how nice it is that we are still friends after so many years and what a gift it is to worship together, and still just hang out!! It's fun having people around who have some of my 'history' intertwined with theirs....of course it might not be as fun if they were to drag out the blackmail pictures..........but then we wouldn't still be friends and I wouldn't be typing this..... :-)

Who knows what John Mark is doing with his's hard to get a good picture of 3 kids especially these 3...they get super silly when they are together!

I also love that we are raising families together...watching each other's kids come into this world and grow is so much fun!!

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