Monday, June 8, 2009

It's about time!!

So Friday I cleaned and worked ALL day on MaryKyle's room. After all that work and loads of trash and stuff hauled out, I stepped back to ooh and ahh over my labors still looked HORRID!!

When hubby started our company and needed a home office we moved the girls (had two then) from their cute pink room (it's taupe now) to what had been the 'guest room' it was the one room in the house that had never been painted....and it's stayed that way.

I happened to mention to my sweet wonderful FABULOUS hubby after I was done that it would be so nice to get it painted while MK was away for the weekend with my family in Gatlinburg, TN. I expected him to laugh...but instead the words of my wonderful, amazing, kind, handsome, FABULOUS husbad were "I might could be persuaded" WOW....really??!!! hmm....but in all honesty I still wasn't expecting it.
You see after a few 'incidents' I've been banned from weilding a paintbrush in the I'm totally dependent on him for painting
NOTE: I wish I had pictures of my 'incidents' but I will's a fair ban!! I'm pretty sure our first house in Dayton, TN will never be the same again!! then he finished his work for the day and looked at me (about 7pm) and said "so want to go get some paint" What...?? Huh...? What colors..??What's our plan..? I had no plan....I wanted it to finally be decorated and pulled together, but after purchasing multiple beddings for her several times, still...nothing looked right. I had one that I liked but it was loud and funky and I'm so not good at choosing colors and decorating. (I SO need my sister close by she got the gift of decorating!!) But he was willing and I wasn't dare going to let that pass...

So we made a decision, started painting, changed our minds, went back to Home Depot Saturday night mid painting and he did it..he finished. We got it all put together and had some fun. It's a loud, fun and funky room....But there was still MaryKyle to contend with.
did I mention our daughter HATES change! At one point when we mentioned something about painting she assured us she "LOVED" the builders grade flat paint that had 6 years of handprints, dirt, scuffs, etc all over it 'It's PERFECT" she said....ha ha!! So what would she think when she saw it??

Well she won't leave it and wrote us a thank you note and we've gotten more hugs today than most other days (which is saying A LOT!!)
Still need some window treatments, wall decor, etc...but it's still better then the builders flat paint for SURE!!

and boy do I love that FABULOUS hubby of mine


LBO said...

Love it, love it, love it! Can't wait to see it in person! You should get some canvases and you and MK do the wall art. Love you!

Louisiana Laura said...

Soooo cute, sooo perfect for her. pink and not baby, but not too 'big girl'. The hard work pays off.... :) did I say I love it yet?

EmileeHopeBinkleyTurner said...

So fun!! (Reminds me that I really need to get around to painting at our house as well!!) I had my sister and brother in law over on Friday night and we walked down so they could meet you but I noticed that a vehicle was missing so I didn't think you were home. We will have to try again later so they can meet y'all!

The Unlikely Homeschooler said...

THANKS girls!! John Mark even started crying today because he wanted to play SO bad, but was sick of playing in her room and wanted to go elsewhere and she wouldn't leave....ha ha ha!! As I walked out of her room tonight after prayers and kisses, etc she said "oh and Mommy, really THANK YOU!!" ha ha...I think she likes it. Funny what a gallon of paint will do!
Laura I think that's exactly how she feels it's not too little girlish, but a good transition. Whew...I'm so so thankful she didn't freak on on us!

Oh Emilee I just said to Thad a little bit ago that he forgot to call your brother in law...ugh!!
Tell them we're just insane right now running in circles hopefully he will tomorrow evening. I will be gone, but he will be here and had better ;-) ha ha!!!

Emily said...

That is fabulous! I am so jealous of the headboard canopy TEASTER! That's what I think you call them. Girly without the froofroo - it's great.

The Unlikely Homeschooler said...

EXACTLY what we were going for Emily...she does not do froo froo!! Thanks...and I'm impressed you knew the name for that!! I always learn from you!!