Friday, August 21, 2009

Mountain Tackled...tear free!

Total SPENT: $117.65
Total SAVED: $150.74
Not great, but not bad for the return trip with a bare pantry and no coupons from all the weeks we were gone.

(Publix purchase only)

So here are my stats:

Spent: $70.96
SAVED: $81.33
and got $5 to use on my next purchase

Spent: $46.69
SAVED: $69.41

I won't bore you with what all I got, but here is the Publix list:

2 lbs Snow Crab legs
2 half gallons S Smart Milk
4Uncle Beans long grain and wild rice
1 dozen eggs
2.57 lbs plums
2 packages Edwards pie singles
2 6 pack double roll Cottonelle Ultra
6 4 pk packages YoPlait YoPlus Light Probiotic Yogurt
2 Plaintains
3 packages Mott's Natural no sugar Apple Sauce
4.42 lbs bananas
2 Organic Valley Butter
2 Large Pompeian Extra Virgin Olive Oil

1 comment:

Andy's Bethy said...

Don't you just love the rush of getting a good deal?! Those yogurts for about $.25 each is just thrilling, especially the way we go through them around our house!
I don't have Kroger down here, but I do have a commissary, so that totally makes up for it. Luckily, I still have my Publix, for the B1G1 deals too.