Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Hooray for mailmen!!!!

look what came in the mail yesterday!!!
Oh a package...a package!! So so much fun to get a package!! hee hee....that inner child never quite goes away for me. You pull in the driveway and see a package and my inner child does a little jig!!
And what fun this one is. I know books...looks boring...but I BEG to differ. Just came yesterday and I fell asleep pouring over "Managers of their Homes" last night and woke up and picked it back up this morning. My favorite part thus far....each chapter has a sample of a different homeschooling families schedule!! WHOOHOOOO.....I LOVE when fellow homeschoolers post their schedules on their blogs. It's a huge help to me...the unscheduled unorganized one...so this is like heaven in a book for me!! WHOoot hoott!!
I'm already half-way through and learning so much....I'll keep you posted as we begin our shift from unorganized to more organized (but keeping our relaxed attitudes)!!


Louisiana Laura said...

I'm in the 'organization' mode right now too, while trying to do soft start... ha. I wish I'd ordered that book! lol
Can't wait to hear what you gather from the book. :)

Amber said...

Just finished typing out our new "block schedule" for the year. So yeah....I love to read all the ideas for hints and tips. Keep us posted on the rest of the book. I wonder if I should buy it.