Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A decade of parenting

Today is all about her:

(so when she knocked over my entire cup of coffee on to my freshly cleaned carpet....I didn't even fuss. honest.)


Because ten years ago today at 11:41am our world was all about her!

How oh how has it been a decade?!

I don't know, but somehow it happened and now I have a "Double Digit Midget" oh how well I remember looking forward to claiming that title myself...

her bedroom door was waiting for the new 10 yr old to emerge

10 sets of balloons lined the stairs

The breakfast table was set and decorated just for her....
with 1o crepe paper flowers as the centerpiece
and there were 10 candles on her french toast!


EmileeHopeBinkleyTurner said...

Wow!! Ten!! I remember thinking I was so old at ten!! Hope MK had a wonderful and fun-filled birthday!

Sara said...

O my goodness! I'm not even going to let my kids look at this post! They will realize what slackers they have for parents when it comes to birthdays! Especially here in Honduras, I feel like the special day doesn't get the attention deserved. Anyway, you did a lovely job with the ten flowers and balloons in all! How special! Hope MK had a great day! My kids send thier love!