Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Psalm 8

We've been working on memorization more lately. One of the things we've memorized is Psalm 8. The kids were practicing saying it today and John Mark all of a sudden started putting motions to the verse, MK decided she liked that and it stuck. They didn't discuss really doing any of it, just as they practiced saying it over and over they just sort of did stuff....which made it even more enjoyable to watch as their Mommy so I decided to video it and as soon as I did they said "Mommy will you put in on your blog or facebook?" ha ha ha....

So here you have my kiddos version of Psalm 8, MaryKyle adds some motions as she goes along, but that's exactly how this whole thing worked....John Mark started the motions, then MK would start doing it too, then she would do one and he would pick it up, no discussion really at all over what they would do then vice I just recorded along the way!


Anonymous said...

Great Job to Mary Kyle and John Mark! John Mark has the "How Majestic is your Name" down! Mary Kyle didn't miss a beat!

Our internet has been down since the flood just like church and I was so excited tonight when I got home that it was back on so I could follow your blog! I missed it.

So sorry about Oct. 2 as I was really praying hard for that situation. God answered it and like many, many other of my prayers, not the way I wanted but I do realize that YES, GOD IS ALWAYS GOOD!

I love all of you, Bev

LBO said...

They did a GREAT job! VERY impressive. Tell them I am really proud and love them very much!