Monday, October 5, 2009

Savings Tally:

TODAY at Publix:
Spent: 49.93
SAVED: $94.94

Since Sept 20, 2009:
YTD Spending: $87.38
YTD Savings: $168.67
Average weekly grocery spending: $29.13

(includes toiletries, etc)


Tricia said...

How can you save more than you spend?

Amber said...

I bow down to you! I am still stuck at %55 savings. How much time per week do you say you spend doing the research and organizing? If you feel like answering of course. :)

The Unlikely Homeschooler said...

Hey guys...don't mind answering AT ALL Amber. I LOVE talking coupons!!

So let's see Tricia...COUPONS!! I got several items free (a loaf of bread for a penny, free crescent rolls, etc etc)

Amber, I am a LAZY couponer for sure. I totally rely on websites to tell me exactly which coupon to use. I can have my grocery list printed off, and coupons pulled in a max of 20 min for a quick trip. If I want my savings to be more I'll spend more time looking at different websites. I regularly use and then also to maximize when i have time use
Both tell you which coupon to get from what week's paper. You can clip your coupons or just file them by date. I do some of both. Weeks I don't have time to clip I just write on the front with a sharpie the date and put them in an accordion file. I PREFER to clip and file, but just don't always have the time to do that.
Southern Savers helps even more as it shows you the printable coupons available. Like it showed an even better printable coupon for the crescent rolls that was online instead of the one Grocery Game had listed to use from the paper...which was still an awesome savings, but not FREE!!!

The key is to ONLY buy what is on a rock bottom sale...then build your stock so you have everything you need at home and plenty of it. Today I got a couple tubes of toothpaste...the big ones for next to nothing, a few packages of plastic SOLO cups - I'll put away til we have people over or something.
You want your grocery store to be in your pantry - so build your menu off of what you have. Eventually you will have MorE than you need and can have lots to share with others!!!

Andy's Bethy said...

Guess what - my Publix down here doesn't double coupons!! (and I don't even have a Kroger) I am so heartbroken. I have the commissary, which has the cheapest prices on basics most the time, but I so very much miss Kroger and Publix for their double coupons - it is so much easier to get things free/practically free when they double.

The Unlikely Homeschooler said...

Oh UGH Bethany!! Have you asked if they have one day a week perhaps that they do? are too close to FL. In Florida Publix is horrible. Crazy really!! Check Southern Savers and see if there are any of your stores on there! So so sad about Publix though, I just love shopping there!